Above: A Thunderbird feather necklace from Townes Shop. Photograph courtesy of Townes Shop.

Subrosa Mercantile 
65 W. Marcy St., Santa Fe 
subrosamercantile.com // @subrosamercantile 

This sweet apothecary and home-goods shop carries beautiful candles, stained-glass pieces, bath salts, bandannas, socks, and jewelry. All the products are made by small companies or individual artists, the majority of whom are women. I took care of nearly all my Christmas shopping here, so it’s a good bet if you want a gift for your best bud or Mom, too. 

The Turquoise Shop
507 Burro Ave., Cloudcroft 
thetqshop.com // @theturquoiseshop

Turquoise over diamonds, amirite? This family-owned shop has earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces featuring beautiful chunks of New Mexico’s state gem. Opened in 1975 by current owner Kayla Smith’s grandmother, Jeannie Read Elkins, the shop has been in the family for three generations and emphasizes the importance of hospitality handed down from their matriarch. 

Townes Shop 
1115 Central Ave. NW, Albuquerque 
townsshop.co // @towns.shop

More than a hair salon, this hip downtown spot is also a boutique specializing in locally made goods. Grab an aesthetically pleasing New Mexico canvas flag, a palo santo scented candle made by St. Poncho, or a Fred Harvey Company–inspired necklace made by Albuquerque jeweler extraordinaire Chad Barela. Also shop a small selection of handmade garments by Albuquerque designer Emy Party, whose anticipated online retail will debut later this year, and ceramic mugs and plates by Meghan Gould of Seeds and Stone, based in Santa Fe.