WITH QUESTA'S STUNNING NATURAL VISTAS and community spirit, it’s no surprise former mayor and longtime resident Malaquias Rael is fond of saying, “I’m not a millionaire, but I have a millionaire’s view.” Here’s some of the riches to be found in this northern New Mexico hamlet.

Choose your adventure. Situated amid the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and near the fertile waters of the Río Grande, Questa oozes with opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails crisscross the 450,000 acres of the Río Grande del Norte National Monument and the Carson National Forest. Climbers can tackle the 500-foot white-granite Questa Dome, while anglers can cast a line for the Río Grande cutthroat trout.

Fuel your creativity. From quilting and weaving to woodcarving and music, Questa’s art traditions are diverse and thriving. With events such as the Questa Studio Arts Tour, when artists’ studios and galleries open to the public, creativity in Questa is also a community affair. At Rael’s market and coffee shop, owned by Cynthia Rael-Vigil, you can grab a cup of java and check out works by more than a dozen artists. “Art is about being able to use your creativity to make something that people really appreciate,” Rael says.

Find your community. When the western wall of the historic San Antonio de Padua Catholic Church collapsed in 2008, Questeños were heartbroken. They were also determined to rebuild this more than 150-year-old cultural cornerstone. Over the next six years, Questa’s roughly 1,750 residents volunteered more than 41,000 hours to lay adobe bricks, carve beams, and cut, grind, and solder the stained-glass windows.

Arts desires

The Questa Studio Art Tour is slated for August 13–14. San Antonio de Padua Catholic Church is part of the half-mile Questa History Trail.