Among North America's smallest warblers, Wilson's warblers love trees, woodlands, and hunting insects from the ground. Photograph by Jim O'Donnell. 

Guide to Birding in New Mexico

New Mexico has some of the best birding in the country, although challenges threaten many species and force others into unfamiliar habitats. Let your passion soar with our guide to backyard birds, must-visit hot spots, and more.

Common Backyard Birds

Look around. Some of the best bird-watching happens right outside your window.

How Desiree Loggins Works to Protect New Mexico's Waterways

As a birder, ecologist, and graduate student at the University of New Mexico, Loggins works to protect vital river and shoreline environments.

Researcher Jenna McCullough Studies the Birds of New Mexico

In September, the doctoral student at University of New Mexico wrote about he mass die-off of migratory birds that sparked international media coverage. 

Anne Schmauss Finds Joy in Creating a Bird-friendly Yard  

The author and former owner of Wild Birds Unlimited offers tips to draw more birds to your backyard. 

Must-Visit Bird-Watching Destinations

These hot spots offer some of the best birding in the state. 

Best Hiking Trails for Birding

Take your experience to new heights on these bird-friendly hikes. 

Fly Byes (and Hellos!)

These migratory birds are only around for a season or two, so catch them if you can. 

Gathering Place

Join the flock of regular folks helping to advance avian research and science. 

Grant Beauprez Draws Inspiration from Bird-watching

The biologist, photographer, and artist searches New Mexico's prairies for birds of all types. 

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