Within Reach, Chanel Flores (above)

“My style of photography is candid, and I hope to capture the real emotions of my subject. After an hour’s shoot with the boy and his mom, we came across this pear tree, where at least a hundred fruit had fallen to the ground. Stepping ever so carefully, he looked up. The pear was one of those last ones on the tree within his reach. He plucked it proudly and took a huge bite.” Chanel Flores

Skater, Sunland Park by Tim Holt placed 2nd in the People category of the Photo Contest.


Skater, Sunland Park, Tim Holt

"It was late afternoon, and only one skater was using the facilities. I liked how the shadows formed and thought about seeing some nature drone photos where the photographer had taken pictures of wildlife in the sand dunes. The shadows in the picture were the only way to make out that it was a caravan of camels. Similarly, the shadows are the only way to see that this is a skater. I live in nearby Canutillo, Texas, and drive by the skate park often."Tim Holt

"Radiant Elegance" by Austin Harvey placed 3rd in the 23rd Annual Photo Contest.


Radiant Elegance, Austin Harvey

"This photo was taken in Nob Hill in Albuquerque. It features Paris Maese leaning against the wall outside the store Masks y Mas." —Austin Harvey

"Chisme!" by Joaquin Martinez


Chisme!, Joaquin Martinez

"My daughter and her friends who dance with the EmiArte Flamenco Youth Academy in Santa Fe were chatting about the intricacies of Bulerías, Sevillanas, and Alegrías on a beautiful Sunday afternoon while I took in the beauty of the spaces built by my ancestors." —Joaquin Martinez

"Wedding Feast" by Shannon Stevens


Wedding Feast, Shannon Stevens

"I took this photo on April 2023 at a traditional Jemez Pueblo wedding I photographed. I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years, but this is one of the most profound photos I’ve ever taken. This photo represents Native American/Indigenous people at our very BEST! It was a coming together in one joyful, happy accord to do what we, as Native people, do best—take care of family and feed everyone who walks in the door. At least 20 women were waiting on the bridal party and the hundred or so guests surrounding this scene. The house was sweltering, with numerous women buzzing in the kitchen, preparing stews, and serving food and bread. The table was approximately 14’ long and filled with traditional foods. This wonderful blessing happens when Natives yoke up together to accomplish a task. These are my people, and this moment in time is a representation of who we are at our core.

The photo was not technically correct as I rushed from one moment to the next. I didn’t want to use strobes, so I had to bump the ISO up to ensure the table was adequately lit, which resulted in the back window overexposure. But the content is absolutely perfect!” Shannon Stevens


For the eighth consecutive year, Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography, in Carrizozo, will host an exhibit featuring the winners. The opening weekend, January 27-28, includes artist appearances and refreshments. As the largest photo gallery in the state, Tularosa Basin Gallery features the work of more than 40 New Mexico photographers Friday through Sunday and by appointment.