“WHEN YOU THINK OF PEOPLE getting together, you think of food,” says Laura Lopez. “In our family, that means chips, salsa, and margaritas.” In 2011, that spirit of togetherness led Lopez and her brother David Garduno to launch Gilly Loco, an Albuquerque-based company that makes the family’s favorite party essentials. The New Mexico–born-and-raised siblings’ affinity for spice shows up in their line of jarred salsas, chile sauces, and hot sauce, all made with locally sourced ingredients. The zesty Tomatillo Verde, made with jalapeños and serranos, is a crowd pleaser. But if you’re a real hothead, try the Ghost Pepper Chili Verde, a flavorful blend of ghost pepper (one of the world’s hottest), Hatch green chile, and roasted tomatoes. Pair the Toasty and Loco Hot salsas with Gilly’s tortilla chips, which are simply made with corn, sea salt, lime, and water, then fried in nutrient-rich coconut oil. “We want our products to be as healthy and delicious as possible,” says Lopez.

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