Primal Cuts

Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steak House The draw is fine prime and aged steaks at this slightly tough-to-find restaurant along Los Ranchos’s main drag. Vernon’s also features New Mexico–raised natural beef, and serves braised collard greens as one of the sides. Prices match the quality of the meat. Classy, dark yesteryear décor. Reservations always a good idea. 6855 Fourth St. NW, Suite A, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque; (505) 341-0831;

Fired-Up Fare in All Respects

De la Vega’s Pecan Grill & Brewery “Fired up” refers to the local pecan wood that fuels the grills here, as well as the amount of Doña Ana County green chile served. Chef Alfredo Vargas and his team grill everything from steaks to ahi tuna to asparagus. The Lava Burger’s a specialty, stuffed full of molten cheese and served with charred green chiles and garlic aioli. The friendly brewhouse atmosphere and large patio are attractions themselves. 500 S. Telshor Blvd., Las Cruces; (575) 521-1099;

Best Grilled Burger

Monte Carlo Steakhouse The green-chile cheeseburger is made from the trimmings of the steaks served here, then sizzled on a serious char-broiler. That grill can put out a fine steak too, but with a burger this good, you might not get any further on the menu. It's west of the Río on Central, tucked behind a package liquor store; the entrance to the restaurant is on the building’s right side. A New Mexico Tourism Department Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail selection. 3916 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque; (505) 831-2444

An Eccentric Original

The Adobe Deli doesn’t sound like a steakhouse in name, and it doesn’t look like one either, at least on the outside. Nine miles east of Deming on a road that you’re sure to think is the wrong way, this beloved institution sits in a somewhat dilapidated-looking old schoolhouse. Everything’s over the top here, from the portions to the quirky taxidermy décor. Steaks good for the price but available only at dinner. The porterhouse could feed a family. Reservations a good idea, directions essential. 3970 Lewis Flats Rd. SE, Deming; (575) 546-0361;