The Spaceport America Cup is an annual event where over 140 student teams from around the globe compete in the world's largest intercollegiate rocket engineering competition.

JUNE 17–22

Spaceport America Cup

The intercollegiate aerospace engineering conference is inspirational—and open to the public—as more than 150 teams design, build, and fly rockets at New Mexico’s commercial spaceport.

JULY 20 & 21

Santa Fe Fiesta de los Niños

New Mexico history comes to life at this El Rancho de las Golondrinas event showcasing traditional crafts, adobe construction, and tortilla making.

Across Turtle Island, or North America, Indigenous people use hoop dancing in traditional healing ceremonies.

AUGUST 3 & 4

Nakotah LaRance Youth Hoop Dance Championship

Toddlers through teens compete and celebrate their culture by telling stories through hoop formations that symbolize traditional teachings at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, in Santa Fe.

Contestants watch their ducks compete in the Great American Duck Race, in Deming, New Mexico.

AUGUST 22–25

Great American Duck Race

Waddle to Deming to watch live waterfowl splash down a wet track and sprint down a dry track. Humans with an affinity to compete can participate in the tortilla toss, outhouse race, or Duck Royalty Pageant.