BEAUTIFUL TO BEHOLD AND BRIMMING WITH NUTRIENTS, blackberries become downright seductive in Besito Caliente, a zesty gourmet sauce that pairs well with just about anything. This “hot little kiss,” as the Spanish name translates to English, was created by Justin Hawman and his father, Jim, from blackberries grown on the family’s Truck Farm, in the Mesilla Valley, west of Las Cruces. They added habanero, just for the heat of it, and placed it in their award-winning lineup of tongue-tingling products, Cannon’s Sweet Hots. “The first time I tasted it, I thought, This is really good stuff. This is probably going to be our best product,” says Hawman. “It tastes like blackberry jam for about two seconds and then the heat kind of creeps up on you.” Hawman’s instincts were right on the berry. Besito Caliente is sold throughout the country. Use this sweet and spicy treat as a salsa, a marinade for fish and chicken, or a topping for pancakes. You can even drizzle it into your coffee for that extra get-up-and-go.

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Find Cannon’s Sweet Hots products in cafés, gift shops, trading posts, and other retail locations throughout the country, or order online, with nationwide shipping.