The Casa Blanca Inn and Suites presents guests with a Spanish Colonial hacienda overlooking Farmington’s downtown. Rooms come with king beds, fireplaces, kitchenettes, whirlpool tubs, and breakfast. Check out the inn’s library for books and games, and the gift shop for arts and crafts from locals.

Fisheads San Juan River Lodge sits in the heart of the Navajo Dam community, offering two-, three-, and four-bedroom suites. The lodge can help arrange for large group fishing trips, and its Back Cast Cafe makes hooking into a green chile cheeseburger or smoked prime rib dinner no problem.

Silver River Adobe Inn features rooms with views of the San Juan River and the La Plata River confluence on the property’s corner. An organic breakfast made with locally sourced ingredients, which can be served gluten-free, greets guests every morning at a long, handmade table.

Soaring Eagle Lodge brings guests right to the San Juan River’s banks, with private access just a few yards from the cabins, which come equipped with rod and wader racks. The lodge’s chef prepares fresh breakfast and dinner in the restaurant.

Kokopelli’s Cave was built into cliffs overlooking the La Plata River. Easily the most unique place to stay in the region, the 1,700-square-foot cave features a large bedroom, living and dining areas, full kitchen, and a hot tub for a luxury stay.

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