Nuevo Mexico: El estado de Cañon Grande

A friend asked Gainesville, Florida, resident Wuni Ryschkewitsch what she’d been up to since they’d last seen each other. Wuni reported that she’d been to two weddings within one month, and both had been wonderful. She told her friend that the first one was her grandson’s nuptials, in Tucson, Arizona, and the second was that of a grandniece, in Albuquerque. Her friend’s comment: “How lucky for you that they both took place in the same state!”

Remote Broadcast

While in Albuquerque one weekend, Nell Lindenmeyer decided to listen to Pandora on her iPhone. But when she attempted to load Pandora, the attached screen grab showed an “error” message; with her friend’s cell phone they captured the message for posterity.

What’s the State Exchange Rate?

One morning, while Dan Waring of KD Farms, in Belén, was out helping some customers at the farm’s roadside stand, a young lady driving a Subaru with Oregon plates stopped to buy some produce. When she went to pay for her goods, she realized she was short of cash. She went to her car, came back a minute later, held up a 20-peso note, and asked, “You guys accept pesos here, right?” Dan laughed, said “Sí,” and accepted the bill. She grabbed her produce and drove off, a satisfied customer!