When Ron Friederich called the IRS regarding a tax matter, the agent on the phone asked for his address. When he replied “New Mexico,” she said, “I need to refer you to another office. I do not deal with foreign affairs.” When he explained that New Mexico is, in fact, a state, she replied, “Oh, like Puerto Rico!”


Gary Bartlett recently chuckled while reading the February 7, 2013, issue of the Toledo Blade newspaper. The article, about an illusionist named Jason Bishop who was performing locally, stated, “He has performed throughout the United States and in New Mexico.”


One day, Charlyn Haguewood, of Illinois, was stopped in her apartment complex while carrying a tote bag that said, “new mexico.” A neighbor pointed to the bag and asked her, “Is there an Old Mexico?” She said, “Well, I think when people say ‘old Mexico,’ they are referring to the country of Mexico.” He looked at her as if she had two heads and asked, “So then, where is your bag from?”

New Jersey, Old Jersey ...

When Betty DuBois, a full-blooded Navajo, recently attempted to renew her New Jersey driver’s license, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission clerk asked where she was born. She replied, “Tohatchi, New Mexico.” The clerk said, “Well then, you’re a Mexican.” Betty said, “No, I’m Navajo, and I was born in New Mexico.” He retorted, “It doesn’t matter. Old Mexico or New Mexico, you’re still a Mexican!” A talk with the supervisor finally straightened things out, and Betty’s license was renewed for another six years.

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