Reader JOEL GALLANT notes that while many “One of Our 50” stories involve people confusing New Mexico for Mexico, our state can go missing in other ways, too. Before he moved from Maryland to Santa Fe, he went to the local gym to cancel his membership. Asked why, he told the clerk he was moving to New Mexico, then watched as she wrote on the form, “Moving to Arizona.” When he corrected her, she rolled her eyes and replied, “Whatever!”


Minneapolis resident GAIL ROSENBLUM flew to her hometown of Albuquerque last fall. Despite three booster shots, she contracted Covid during her stay. After she called her Minnesota doctor to request a virtual appointment for care guidance, she received a strange return voicemail.

Because she was out of the country, the clinician said, an online visit was impossible. Stay hydrated, they advised, wear a mask, take Tylenol when needed, and go to a local provider “if you’re comfortable being seen down there.” “Oy!” Rosenblum writes. She wanted to respond, “Take two Tylenol and call me when you find a map!”


In 1967, RICHARD CASAUS was stationed at Fort Gordon, in Georgia, while awaiting orders for Vietnam. As part of a military police company, he was assigned to transport two elderly women from the commissary to deposit money at the base’s bank. When one of the ladies asked where he was from, he told her, “Las Cruces, New Mexico.” “I’ve always wanted to go to Acapulco,” she sighed dreamily. “So have I!” Casaus replied.

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