Illustration by Chris Philpot. 


During the holiday season, Albuquerque’s V. ORGANICK ordered a gift for her husband from Amazon. The item’s two-day Prime shipping originated in Louisiana, then went next door to Mississippi. After a few days, Organick tracked the package again. It was listed as held up—indefinitely—for a “customs clearance delay.” “Clearly, someone is unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, green chile, and hot-air ballooning in the Land of Enchantment!” huffs Organick. At press time, there was no word on whether the present arrived in New Mexico, before or after Christmas.


Smith River, California, resident MICHAEL SOMMER was on his way back from Taos when he stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona, this past November. While dining at a local restaurant, he learned that his server was a senior at Northern Arizona University and had grown up in Phoenix. She sure didn’t know much about New Mexico. When she asked Sommer where he was traveling from, he replied, “Taos.” Asked where that was, he said it was located in New Mexico, at which point she informed him she had never heard of either place. Hope her degree doesn’t require basic geographic knowledge!


Colorado State University educator KAYE HOLMAN says a student who’d recently visited New Mexico with the ornithology club was reporting back on their trip to some classmates. Another student looked quizzical. Asked what was wrong, she blurted out, “I didn’t know New Mexico was a state!” Talk about flighty.

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