Find prints, woodworking, ceramics, sculptures and more at Ceilo Handcrafted, in Santa Fe. Photograph courtesy of Cielo Handcrafted.

Farmers & Crafts Market of Las Cruces

For half a century, the Farmers & Crafts Market of Las Cruces has showcased the richness of the Mesilla Valley. Head downtown on a Wednesday or Saturday for the year-round, pet-friendly outdoor market to buy handmade art, jewelry, pottery, and textiles, eat a traditional chile plate, listen to live music, or just pick up farm-fresh produce and groceries from the 150 to 200 vendors on any given Saturday. “Everything the market sells is handmade or hand-grown,” says Manager Tiffany Thompson. “Come hungry and ready to shop.”

100 N. Main St., Las Cruces; 575-201-3853

Cielo Handcrafted

Jeweler Gloria Olazabal and woodworker Miguel Licona co-own and run Cielo Handcrafted, an artist collective on Santa Fe’s gallery-rich Canyon Road. “When we first opened three years ago, it was just us and a ceramic artist,” says Licona. The husband-and-wife duo have since expanded into around 600 square feet of gallery space and now offer prints, woodworking, ceramics, sculptures, textiles and more from about two dozen New Mexican artists, plus several from Peru. “One of my favorite items is pillowcases made from upcycled antique Peruvian ponchos,” says Licona.

836 Canyon Road, Santa Fe; 575-551-8390

Spur Line Supply Co.

Named after old lumber companies operating in the area during the first half of the 20th century, Albuquerque’s Sawmill District lies just north of Old Town, where the New Mexico Artisan Market provides a Friday-to-Sunday home to makers of all disciplines. This year, Spur Line Supply Co., a crafted-goods shop at the heart of the Sawmill District, plans to showcase artisans from the market daily from Thanksgiving weekend through Christmas Eve.

800 20th St. NW, Suite A, Albuquerque; 505-242-6858