Above: Spice up your pantry with these rubs and spice mixes. Photograph by Douglas Merriam.

Grilling fans in New Mexico can fire up the flame well into the snowy season. Recognizing that, Albuquerque songwriter, author, educator, and inspirational speaker Lawrence J. Clark added “spice master” to his résumé in 2015. His Mountain Man Gourmet lineup includes rubs, spice mixes, and other products laced with chile. Included in the impressive collection are coffee flavorings, spicy rice, and mixes for mac ’n’ cheese, muffins, creamy dips, and soups, plus seasoning packets boasting every combination of red, green, habanero, and chipotle chiles you can imagine. They’re all low-sodium to boot. Witty names like Crazy Cajun, Rowdy Red, Go-Go Green, and Cup of Comfort add to the fun.

Mountain Man Gourmet products are available online or by calling 505-585-8594.