Above: From yoga to interactive dining, AR experiences range from $10 to $150. Photograph by Josh Lane.

Visualize stepping inside your imagination. You can do just that at Storylab—a vacant space on Central Avenue in Albuquerque that can be digitally transformed into any environment, real or surreal. It’s called “projected augmented reality,” and no one else in Albuquerque is doing it.

What happens at Storylab? The company hosts interactive fine-dining experiences with themes that range from biology to the cosmos, as well as yoga classes, one of which I recently attended. The one-of-a-kind mesmeric space was so deeply engaging that I almost forgot the outside world even existed—a perfect setting for a centered yoga practice.

Unlike goggle-based virtual reality (VR), which can be experienced by only one person, projected augmented reality (AR) is a shared experience where various projectors display graphics on stationary surfaces. AR allows users to interact with the projections. This fall, Storylab will open a daily exhibit called Electric Playhouse. Or check out the space for free at the monthly Downtown ABQ Artwalk.

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Storylab Interactive
610 Central Ave. SW,
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