Seeking Shelter, Tim Baca (above)

“I’ve passed this old cabin many times without knowing it was there. It sits behind a hill, and you can only see it while traveling west. Luckily, I remembered its location was right in line with an incoming storm. This was one of the most electric thunderstorms the area has seen in some time. Lightning kissed the ground as the cold outflow buffeted my face. Rain started falling soon after this shot.” —Tim Baca

Frosted Pines,  Tim Baca2ND PLACE

Frosted Pines, Tim Baca

“Climbing up, cold and determined, I found my way onto a tall hill in the Organ Mountains. The view was exactly what I hoped for. These frosted pine trees nestled high amongst the summit were peeking out of the guarding hills. After the shot, I found my way back down the hill and returned triumphantly back to the trailhead.” —Tim Baca

October Cloud Cover on the Sandías,  Robert Geary3RD PLACE

October Cloud Cover on the Sandías, Robert Geary

“The photo October Cloud Cover on the Sandías was taken in the Cibola National Forest off of Forest Loop Road, while walking from the Placitas Trailhead. The trails there offer great views of the Sandías. On the day this image was taken, the cloud cover on the mountains was very dramatic and the clouds were brightly lit by the autumn sun. At the time, my wife Candy and I were newly transplanted to New Mexico from Maryland so we could be closer to our grandchildren. We had just moved here barely two months before. I was taking a much-needed break from job hunting and was walking the beautiful trails at the base of the Sandías when I noticed the ever-changing cloud play on the mountains. I took many photos that day, both in black and white and in color, but I was happiest with this particular photo highlighting the sunlit clouds simultaneously revealing and hiding the Sandías. We have since traveled all over the state with the exception of the southwest portion of New Mexico. New Mexico is truly magical and we are happy to call the state our home.” —Robert Geary

A Brief Moment in Time,  Jim SteinHONORABLE MENTION

A Brief Moment in Time, Jim Stein

“I stood here for several minutes waiting for the driving rain to subside. I was drenched but was determined to get something out of this. I could see a double rainbow trying to make an appearance each time the sun shined through the clouds, but I knew it wouldn't last long. Suddenly there was a break. I quickly wiped off my lens and took this photo … then it was gone.” —Jim Stein

Fields of Fire, Jim SteinHONORABLE MENTION

Fields of Fire, Jim Stein

“I started a hike with mostly sunny skies, but the clouds were moving in from a distance. After about an hour, I heard a rumble behind me. I turned and was amazed with how quickly the weather had changed to a dark ominous scene with lightning striking every few minutes. I set up my camera and started shooting. It became dark enough to use a relatively slow shutter speed with the help of an ND filter. This was the only lightning capture I was able to get.” —Jim Stein


For the sixth consecutive year, Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography, in Carrizozo, will host an exhibit featuring the winners. Although opening weekend festivities have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, the exhibit will be on display and images available for purchase beginning January 28 on Fridays 10 to 5, Saturdays 10 to 5, and Sundays noon to 5.

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