Floating among pines and hummingbirds, Angel Fire’s RidgeWalk Treehouse opens to magnificent views of the elk, deer, cougars, and bears that populate this part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. “We wanted that feeling of being out in the forest,” says Nanci Bush, who designed and built the treehouse with her husband, Bill. Opened in 2021, the six-person luxury retreat has quickly become popular with hikers, skiers, photographers, and others attuned to nature. ridgewalktreehouse.com

Kokopelli's Cave is 70ft. below the top of the cliff. Photograph courtesy of Kokopelli's Cave.


Rest your head 300 feet above the winding La Plata River, in Kokopelli’s Cave, in Farmington. Start your day in a rock-walled bath-room inside 60-million-year-old vertical cliffs. Relax in the living area with a replica kiva or on one of the two porches that supply staggering views of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. “People always come away feeling changed,” says owner Bruce Black, whose geologist father had the cave drilled by hand and dynamite blasted to serve originally as his office. kokoscave.us

Hunker down at the Atlas F Missile Silo/Bunker. Photograph courtesy of Airbnb.


Hunker down in subterranean quarters at the True Cold War Relic Atlas F Missile Silo/Bunker, east of Roswell. “The site was mentioned in President Kennedy’s special report during the Cuban missile crisis,” says owner Gary Baker, an expert on America’s missile sites. Guests at the Airbnb have included nuclear engineers and Los Alamos National Laboratory employees. “This is an experience like no other,” Baker says. Stay in the launch control center’s upper level and, on Baker’s transfixing tour, descend 186 feet to the Missile Silo. nmmag.us/missilesilo

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