THREE SISTERS KITCHEN OPENED in 2018 with a clear mission—to create economic opportunity, improve community health, and bring diverse people together using the power of local food. In 2020, the organization started a manufacturing business that mentors students while generating funding for its nonprofit programs. Manager Lilia Avila and associate Vivian Page lead the kitchen with a line of spice blends, a blue-corn waffle mix, and granolas. “It’s a combination of really delicious granola that incorporates familiar flavors in new ways and the excitement of our mission,” says TSK executive director Anzia Bennett. “People love buying this product and knowing their dollars are staying in and supporting our community.” While TSK makes five granola varieties, Bennett recommends sprinkling the Blue Corn–Mulberry on top of Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream, and topping crisps and crumbles with the Red Chile–Apricot-Pecan.

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Find Three Sisters Kitchen granolas at Albertsons, Sprouts, and select local businesses in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and online at