GEORGIANNA WELLS, a massage therapist and aesthetician at Bishop’s Lodge, Auberge Resorts Collection’s Stream Dance Spa, in Santa Fe, shares three tips for optimizing a spa experience.

Allow extra time. “I would love for a client to take advantage of the full experience and not just make it a moment about bodywork,” Wells says. “Come in 20 minutes early, sit outside in our swinging chairs overlooking a river with waterfalls, and set an intention for the treatment. Sit in the sauna to loosen up muscles. Afterward, stay 10 to 15 minutes to really let the bodywork integrate. Set time aside to take advantage of the full experience that we offer, and you can make your experience unforgettable.”

Share an intention. “When you make an appointment and express why you’re coming in, it really helps the practitioner to prepare for the experience,” she says. “I can then tailor the experience to the client instead of having them passively come in and say, ‘I just want some bodywork.’ ”

Drink extra water. “A lot of people come in dehydrated because they’re not used to our altitude,” Wells says. Increasing water intake softens muscles and helps flush out toxins released during massages and facials

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