WHEN A FORMER METAL-BAND singer who headed research and development at Santa Fe Brewing Company steps into his own food lab to riff on flavors, expect nothing short of Apicklelypse. This line of creative hot sauces includes Sasquatch Sweat, a blend of cranberry, mustard, red chile, and green beans. “That’s my favorite,” says David Ahern-Seronde of the six sauces he has produced to date. “It was made with Thanksgiving turkey in mind, but I also use it on the grill.” Shrunken Head, a potent potion of green chile, jalapeño, cilantro, lime, tomatillo, and avocado, goes well with tacos and breakfast burritos. Flavor is key, but so is heat. “Hot sauce gets the endorphins pumping,” Ahern-Seronde says. “People don’t realize it, but they’re feeling better after eating it.” While heavy-metal imagery inspired the branding, working on hot sauces during the pandemic led to Apicklelypse’s name. “It’s something for the end of times,” he says, chuckling.

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Find Apicklelypse hot sauces in Santa Fe at Cake’s Cafe, Santa Fe Brewing Co., and Kaune’s Neighborhood Market; in Albuquerque at Salsa Saint; and on Apicklelypse's website.