Taos Mesa Studio Earthship, Taos

“The panoramic views of the high desert and Rockies during the day and the Milky Way at night through the home’s south-facing glass wall immerse you in nature’s glory,” explains Dan Richfield, owner of this stunning, built-by-hand Airbnb rental. “It doesn’t take a long encounter with the house before you begin to tune into nature in new ways.” Part of the otherworldly 630-acre Earthship residential community of off-grid homes made with recycled and natural materials, Taos Mesa Studio also has all the trappings of modernity, including Wi-Fi, a laundry, a full kitchen, and a flat-screen TV. Stop by the Earthship Biotecture Visitor Center for an immersive education about the homes and how they work. 

Europa cafe is just one of the benefits at Heritage House. Photograph courtesy of Heritage House.

Heritage House, Los Lunas

Located on a 200-year-old family farm roughly 20 minutes from downtown Albuquerque, Heritage House balances peaceful surroundings and proximity to things you can’t live without on vacation—namely gourmet coffee and fresh-from-the-oven croissants. The farm’s French-inspired cafe, Europa Food.Farm.Festival, is steps from the Airbnb rental. “Being on a farm outside the city, you’re transported to a very unique space where guests naturally unplug,” says owner Amanda Dollahite. “With many play areas for kids—they can say hi to our friendly donkey, Addis Ababa—it’s a family-friendly destination.” 

​​Turquoise Trailer, Santa Fe

Looking for a unique stay while exploring the Turquoise Trail? No prob-llama! A vintage 1971 travel trailer on a llama ranch awaits. In the evening, watch the sun sink below the mountains from your private patio. Start the next day with a guided llama walk with furry friends Legs Obama Llama and Marduk. Book a Friday night to take advantage of this quirky perk: free entrance to Santa Fe’s alien-themed roller-skating rink, Rockin’ Rollers Event Arena, with one complimentary slice of pizza per guest. 

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