Hotel Luna Mystica's "Diego" trailer is inspired by a New York loft. Courtesy of Hotel Luna Mystica/Amanda Powell (@adrift_adream).

THERE’S A NEW GUY IN TOWN AT HOTEL LUNA MYSTICA, in Taos, and his name is Diego (as in Rivera). While the moniker nods to the 1964 Streamline’s neighboring trailer, Frida (as in Kahlo), and the passionate-meets-tragic love between the two artists, the new digs are more New York chic than Mexican modernist.

“We hadn’t done a true industrial-modern design,” says owner and designer Patrick Nechvatal. Diego’s sleek silver exterior cloaks its urban-loft appeal. An exposed red-brick wall, metal counters, and leather details lean into the cosmopolitan aesthetic. A neon sign over the two-stool dining nook proclaims, SLOW DOWN, which feels like an appropriate motto in this modern space that boasts two twin beds and a full bath. “Those brick accents create a really warm atmosphere,” he adds. 

Nechvatal spent three months remodeling the 176-square-foot trailer, which was in rough shape when it arrived from Las Vegas, New Mexico. “We basically had to strip everything down to the frame,” he says. “It’s better to start with a clean slate. We can make it more of a hotel room than a travel trailer.”

The 22 trailers at Hotel Luna Mystica—each unique, whimsical, and aesthetically astute—are heated and insulated, making for cozy weekends reading or as a base to hit the nearby ski slopes. “I like creating environments for people where they can have a good time and make memories,” says Nechvatal. 

Hotel Luna Mystica, 25 ABC Mesa Road, El Prado; 575-613-1411.

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