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Makers and Artisans

Makers & Artisans / Dec 06, 2023

Tinwork Stamped with Tradition

Tinsmith Nicolas Madrid creates nativity retablos, crosses, and more by using time-honored techniques.

By Jennifer Levin

Makers & Artisans / Jun 01, 2022

This Fashion Designer Is Back 4 Good

Amy Denet Deal left L.A. to start a clothing brand in New Mexico. Now she helps empower others.

By Ungelbah Dávila Shivers

Makers & Artisans / Nov 24, 2021

The Change Agent: Gregory Segura

A former hotel manager and financial planner’s stunning jewelry reflects the landscape and a rich heritage.

By Lynn Cline

Makers & Artisans / Nov 24, 2021

Master Potter: Susan Folwell

Rooted in Santa Clara Pueblo, this artist puts a contemporary spin on her work with ceramic smartphones and reinterpretations of old paintings.

Above: Master potter Susan Folwell uses Pop Art imagery, humor, and the reimagining fine art masterpieces in her work. Photograph by Stefan Wachs. SUSAN FOLWELL IS A POET of contemporary Pueblo

Makers & Artisans / Nov 10, 2021

The Luthier: Klarissa Petti

An accomplished cellist now makes beautiful instruments for others—and teaches her…

Makers & Artisans / Nov 10, 2021

Shop Tucker Woodshop Toys

Edmund Tucker crafts an array of common and exotic woods to create Tucker Woodshop toys.

Makers & Artisans / Nov. 17, 2021

Shop Blacksmithed Masks

Influenced by Spanish Colonial and Native American art, Dave Sabo crafts unique metal and glass masks.

Makers & Artisans / Nov. 24, 2021

The Color Wonder: Rachel Donner

Adorned with simple shapes in bold colors, these ceramic mugs and bowls bring joy to everyday moments.

Makers & Artisans / Nov 10, 2021

Find Felt Bosch Creatures

Artist Lise Poulsen is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's medieval paintings to create her own…