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Whether you’re here to indulge in stunning art, find an equitable place in the outdoors, or sample our unique cuisine, there’s something in the land, the history, and the way of life in New Mexico that makes this place special. Meet some of the people and organizations behind the enchantment.

from left Skyli Britt, Juan Silva, Dale Zerbst, Rafael Hernandez, Vidal Rodriguez, Presley Pryce, Feliciano Griego, Andrew Tafoya, David Griego, and Joaquin Aguilar.


Since 1972, Santa Fe native David Griego has been crafting unique, custom inlay gold pieces at Santa Fe Goldworks, where skilled artisans use traditional techniques to create jewelry that reflects northern New Mexico's culture, supported by a dedicated sales team in their Santa Fe Plaza showroom.

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The Face of Culinary Experience

Experience the charm of Salwa Sarameh's Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant in Gallup is a top-rated destination for locals and travelers alike, offering a warm, friendly dining experience and a diverse menu that reflects the rich cultural mix of the area. 

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Salwa Sarameh’s Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant in Gallup offers a tasty and friendly culinary experience and was recognized as a top dining spot in the Southwest.

The Outdoor Equity Fund in New Mexico aims to provide underserved youths with outdoor recreation and education opportunities to increase access to the outdoors and encourage environmental stewardship.

Faces of Youth Outdoor Equity

In 2019, the Outdoor Equity Fund was launched to help underserved New Mexico youth access outdoor activities, promoting environmental stewardship and career opportunities.

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The Face of Historic Indigenous Art

Don Siegel fosters cultural appreciation at Chipeta Trading Company in Santa Fe, where visitors engage hands-on with Indigenous art and jewelry, and profits support Native scholarships and social causes.

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Chipeta Trading Company in downtown Santa Fe offers a hands-on learning experience focused on appreciating and respecting Indigenous art, especially Navajo and Pueblo jewelry dating between 1880 and 1940.