5 Fall Getaways
Frequent contributor Ashley M. Biggers loved discovering charming inns in every corner of the state, particularly Lincoln County. “It was easy to imagine Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett facing off in town,” she says. Biggers writes from Albuquerque and is the author of the 2016 New Mexico True Adventure Guide and 100 Things to Do in Albuquerque Before You Die (Reedy Press, 2015), which recently took home a gold from the Society of American Travel Writers. She’s now working on Eco-Travel New Mexico, due out in 2017 from the University of New Mexico Press. Learn more about her at

High Country Valhalla
After several visits to Ted Turner’s Vermejo Park Ranch, Aaron Gulley called it one of the most remarkable places he’s seen. “It’s huge, full of elk, deer, trout, bear, you name it, and there’s nobody on the land. Vermejo can basically guarantee that you’ll see wildlife on their property.” Gulley is a contributing editor at Outside Magazine and frequent contributor to Men’s Journal. A Santa Fe resident, he spends his free time in New Mexico’s wild spaces, camping, cycling, climbing, and escaping the call of technology.

(505) Rock Star
When Santa Fe–based writer Jason Strykowski met climber Timy Fairfield for coffee, he didn’t expect the “whirlwind discussion of history, music, literature, philosophy, and, of course, climbing” that Fairfield’s boundless energy delivered. Strykowski has worked in New Mexico as a tour guide, historical consultant, museum curator, and freelance writer. He can also be found working on the sets of major film and television projects throughout the state. In his free time, he hikes and climbs just enough to appreciate Fairfield’s exceptional accomplishments.