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Step back in time and uncover the fascinating history of New Mexico. From tales of legendary outlaws to the architectural wonders of historic churches, delve into the stories that have shaped the Land of Enchantment.

History / Feb 14, 2024

The Story Behind the Magic Mural

The 1,400-square-foot mural showcases accomplished individuals from the Navajo community, serving as positive role models for generations of…

By Julian Dossett

History / Dec 27, 2023

Branded with History

Discover the history of the cattle brands on the south and west doors of the 1892 Eddy County Courthouse in Carlsbad.

By Gregory R.C. Hasman

Books / Dec 27, 2023

What We're Reading: The Lost Tomb

Author Douglas Preston's new book, "The Lost Tomb," compiles his deep archaeological dives, making it a must-read for adventure, true crime, and…

By Molly Boyle


History / Aug 23, 2023

Howdy from Las Vegas

The "Calumet Says Howdy" mural from the 1980s movie "Red Dawn" can be found on Sixth…