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Arts & Entertainment

Finding “A House in Taos”

Santa Fe’s first African American poet laureate reflects on the Black literary imagination of New Mexico, a legacy begun in the 16th century that includes a peculiar poem by Langston Hughes.

By Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

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Hiking / Apr. 17, 2024

Five Gila Trails to Try

From easy to expert, these trails in the Gila Wilderness are suited to every kind of hiker.

Things To Do / Apr. 19, 2024

Five Things to Do This Weekend

Explore sustainable art at Axle Contemporary, celebrate the planet with Earth Day festivities, take action through art…

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Follow IndigenousWays

IndigenousWays Festival showcases the beauty and blessings of traditional First Peoples Ways in Santa Fe…

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Carlsbad Mainstreet CavernFest

Save the date: June 7th & 8th, 2024! Carlsbad MainStreet presents CavernFest, a family-friendly festival in…

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Best of the Month

City Guides / Apr 10, 2024

Clovis Cranks Up the Volume

Founded as a railroad town, Clovis lays fresh tracks by honoring its rock and roll roots and building on the sound that made it famous.

WITH 90 MINUTES UNTIL SHOWTIME, parking is already scarce at the Curry County Events Center. I hurry toward the front gates, passing out-of-towners as they help their children down from dusty pickups

The Gila Turns 100

Birdwatching / Apr 10, 2024

Find These Birds in the Gila

Home to hundreds of species, the Gila Wilderness is a bird-watcher’s paradise.

By Elizabeth Miller

Nature & Wildlife / Apr 10, 2024

Guardian of the Gila

A fire lookout for more than 40 years, Sara Irving keeps watch from the top of Mogollon Baldy.

By Jennifer C. Olson

Nature & Wildlife / Apr 03, 2024

Quick Facts about the Gila Wilderness

As the Gila approaches its anniversary, we get a glimpse at some of the interesting, rare, and recent facts about the wilderness area.

By Jennifer C. Olson

Nature & Wildlife / Mar 27, 2024

The Gila Wilderness At 100

As the Gila National Wilderness celebrates its 100th anniversary, we set out to explore the wonders of this special place, dig into its past, and…

By Jennifer C. Olson / Photos by Jay Hemphill

Destination Guide

Discover new places, plan your next adventure, and fall in love with New Mexico with our list of must-see…

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Nominate Your True Hero

Nominations are open now through June 30, 2024. Ten winners will be featured in New Mexico Magazine's…

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