Sandstone benches on the southwest end of Abiquiú Lake make for a quiet spot for picnicking and watching the sunset. Photograph by Jen Judge.

Camps Less Traveled

Find solitude—and some rare discoveries—in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness. 

Three Beautiful Backcountry Camping Spots in New Mexico

Create your own camp in these backcountry locations.

Gila Sure

Follow these backcountry safety tips from search and rescue expert Marc Levesque.

High Points for This Gila Campground

A Silver City campground elevates your outdoor experience with stellar views, an abundance of activities, and even a few creature comforts.

Outdoors Dos and Don'ts

Follow these rules to help protect the outdoors.

Stellar Campsites for Summer Fun

Pitch your tent at these exceptional spots. 

Visit Sugarite Canyon State Park for Family-Friendly Camping

Sugarite Canyon State Park deals a winning hand of outdoor activities for family fun. 

Camping with Kids

Follow these tips for camping with the little ones.

Three Camping Adventures for Family Fun

Load up the fam for an overnight adventure. 

Find the Perfect Go-To Camping Spot Overlooking Abiquiú Lake

Riana Campground’s proximity to fantastic hiking, fishing, and much more makes it a dream base for no-frills RVers. 

Road Tricks

Camping experts Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi unpack a few of their best overnight tips.

Find the Perfect Place to Park Your RV

These campgrounds offer everything an rver could need. 

Style Guide

Camping with all the pleasures and none of the hassles? KitFox sets a new standard. 

Home Base

Try these ideas for backyard camping with the kids—and ensure they stick with it all night long.

Comfortably Fun

Getting outdoors doesn’t have to mean roughing it.  

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