La Posada de Santa Fe offers a chance for ghostly encounters. Photograph by Andrew Kornylak.

La Posada de Santa Fe

After her death in 1896, Santa Fe society matron and hostess Julia Staab never departed Staab House, now part of La Posada de Santa Fe. So say guests and staff who have encountered her spirit descending the staircase or have heard her speak, though that may just be her eponymous margarita talking. Some speculate her benevolent appearances belie a restlessness spurred by postpartum depression after the loss of a child, or possible foul play or suicide as her cause of death. 330 E. Palace Ave., Santa Fe; 505-986-0000

Lodge Resort & Spa

Visitors to the Lodge Resort & Spa, in Cloudcroft, will surely marvel at the historic hotel’s 1899 Arts and Crafts architecture, renovated rooms, outdoor relaxation spaces, and high-altitude golf course. With reports of flickering lights, spontaneous blazes igniting in fireplaces, and objects sliding across tables, popular legend says these are the mischievous echoes of Rebecca, a beautiful young chambermaid and restaurant namesake who purportedly disappeared after her lumberjack beau caught her in flagrante delicto with another lover. Her portrait hangs in the lounge. 601 Corona Pl., Cloudcroft; 800-395-6343

Hotel Parq Central

A 2011 investigation by the ghost-hunting Los Muertos Spirit Seekers reported unexplained voices, coolness, and a sense of being watched at Hotel Parq Central, near downtown Albuquerque. These classic haunting signs at the former hospital and psychiatric facility turned boutique hotel add to the charm and mystery of the iconic 1920s structure. Are these the remnants of the anguish and suffering of former patients? Enjoy a drink at Apothecary Lounge, the rooftop bar, and watch out for poltergeists who like to pull off guests’ bedsheets in the dead of night. 806 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque; 505-242-0040

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