A tumbleweed meanders down Folsom’s once busy streets. Photograph by Andrew Kornylak.

Good Haunts​

Abandoned, barely there, or rebounding with new purpose, towns, hotels, and restaurants all across the state hold secret treasures: the stories of past lives. 

Chloride After the Boom

When silver went bust, the miners of Chloride fled, leaving buildings that visitors flock to today. 

Karen Haughness Shares What Makes White Oaks Special

The owner of the No Scum Allowed Saloon is one of eight people that still live in this tiny town.

Take Your Pick Between These Old Mining Towns

These former mining towns deliver unique rewards.

Who Ya Gonna Call

Cell reception might fail, but the road awaits. Prep yourself with these ghost-town tips.

The Grass Was Greener 

The Río Puerco Valley once sheltered Ancestral Puebloans and, later, Hispanic ranchers. Only small signs of life remain.

Homes on the Range 

Cattle built towns that sometimes faded.

Betty Williamson 

Pep, NM.

Dining with the Dead

New Mexico cuisine sometimes comes with a curious question: You want some frights with that?

Eat, Drink, and Be Wary

Come for the food. Stay for the spirits.

Melinda Bonewell

Madrid, NM.

Sleeping with Spirits

Clayton lays claim to a few ghosts, along with one who may roam the hallways of the Hotel Eklund. 

Ghostly Lodgings

Add something eerie to your next overnight.

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