Flora Taco To-Go serves up a collection of tacos in Albuquerque's Sawmill Market. Photograph by Douglas Merriam.

How We're Eating Now

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we break bread—and we learned to like it. By turning to our kitchens, gardens, and heaping helpings of to-go meals (and drinks!), we found new ways to create community, get closer to our ingredients, and soothe our souls.

Dig Into New Mexico's Food Halls

Gather around for eclectic collective dining.

Plate Worthy Restaurants for Your Next Meal

These spots go beyond plastic containers with home-style meals, intimate dinners, and dishes from around the globe.

Taco Star

Fueled by social media, birria has become a menu sensation.

Recipe: Robin Valdez’s Birria Tacos

Chef Robin Valdez, owner of La Luna Eatery in Albuquerque, shares his recipe for beef birria and vegan hibiscus flower birria.

Try These Carryout Meals for the Family

Win the weekday with a take-home family-style meal.

Stir Crazy

Rolling Still Distillery's pre-made craft cocktails are like having your favorite bartender in your living room. 

Sweet and Sour

Raise your at-home beverage game with shrubs from Spellbound Syrups. 

Whole Hog

Beck & Bulow's new butcher shop features bison, poultry, beef, and a wild kingdom of specialty items. 

Try These Three Unique Ingredients from the Farmers Market

Choose an unfamiliar ingredient on your next farmers' market trip. 

Grow Fresh Vegetables with These Raised Garden Beds

Rest easy with a raised-bed garden to grow your own produce. 

Chef Ray Naranjo Celebrates Native Cuisine at Indian Pueblo Kitchen

A new chef launches a take-home tour of Indigenous foods. 

Try These Refreshing Hard Seltzers

You'll swoon over these New Mexico—made hard seltzers. 

Take it Outside

These patios are worth visiting for the setting alone—but you'll love the food, too!

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